6th April 2020


First let me thank all of you for your understanding and support over the last few weeks as we have worked through the challenges that COVID-19 presents. I have been in awe of the way that the family and friends of our residents have worked with us as we endeavour to keep these most important people in our lives safe and well.

At present we are truly blessed that we have not had any confirmed cases of COVID-19 at our sites. That said we are conscious that we cannot let our guard down as this is simply the start of the journey so we will continue to maintain our focus on prevention. I am conscious of the impact that this is having on our residents and their family and friends and we are committed to lifting the current measures as soon as it is safe to do so.

As promised in our previous communications the option for residents to catch up with family and friends via video conferencing is now in place and operating. We are excited with the number of people that have already started using this service and I truly hope that if you are not already and you are able to that you contact us to make a time to see your loved one. Rest assured we will help you with the process and will complete a test call with you prior to your first visit.

We are now focused on what activities we can introduce at all of our locations to assist with the feeling of being “locked away”. There have been a number of ideas already considered and we are investigating some of these further at present. They include the use of technology to connect people who have common interests in fun activities such as puzzles and focus groups. We are also searching for a virtual reality solution that will be functional, easy to use and relatively cost effective as another way to assist people to visit other parts of the world or to explore places / interests that they may have.

I would encourage each of you to consider ways that you can also help out with this including perhaps a letter now and then or some photos / videos that you can share with them as you spend time on a video call. If there is something we can do to assist please let us know and where we can we will.

Thanks again for your support and understanding and I look forward to when we can all look back on this and say “remember when”.

God bless,

Eric Anderson