25th March 2020


As mentioned in my previous correspondence we have been working on delivering a solution to provide our residents and their family and friends the ability to utilise video conferencing. We believe this initiative will be of great value in enabling our residents to remain in close contact with those that were already regular visitors but also that it may also provide a way that others that were previously unable to visit a way to do so.

There are three options now available for our residents and their family and friends and these are:

  1. Book a time to have a video conference with a resident on a shared device by contacting our Lifestyle
  2. Purchase a personal device for the resident which can then be used whenever both parties are available.
  3. Rent a device that will be set up as a personal device that can also be used whenever both parties are

Given the circumstance for the duration of COVID-19 initiated restricted access there will be no cost to residents or family members who choose option 1. However please be aware that we have only purchased a limited number of devices and as such there will be limited availability for each time. Also we will be setting a limit of 45 minutes for each video conference session in order to give as many people as possible an opportunity to use this service.

For those interested in option 2 and option 3 above we have worked with our supplier and achieved a very competitive price for the Galaxy Tab A 10.1 Wi-Fi device. The following table outlines the cost of these two options:

Equipment / Service Option 2 (Outright Purchase) Option 3 (Rent)
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1′

Wi-Fi 32GB with Targus Click-In Case

$365.00 $1.15 per day*
Internet Access $50 per Month (From 1st of April waived for duration of COVID-19 Restricted Access)
Setup of Device and Instructions for User (60 Minutes total) $47.30 Included in above rental
Total Cost $412.30 $1.15 per day*
  • At the conclusion of 12 months the device will become the property of the resident who has rented the device. Where a person, prior to the end of 12 months, elects to payout the balance of the 12 months rent the device will also become their

For those choosing option 2 or 3 above we will support the Facebook Messenger (requires a Facebook account) and Microsoft Teams (requires a Microsoft account) apps that enable video conferencing and the setup of one of these apps is included in both options.

Devices purchased outright or rented can also be setup to access other services including video streaming via an app such as Netflix, listening to music, playing online games and browsing the internet. For those that need a little extra help with setting up / using their device there is the ability for additional support to be provided from our team via our Concierge service.

Please note that any damage or loss of rented or purchased devices will be the responsibility of the user. Should a rented device be damaged or lost the maximum amount payable will be the lesser of the cost to repair the device or the balance of the 12 months rent not yet paid.

Next steps:

Bookings for the video conferencing (option 1) will be available from Tuesday the 31st of March. To make a booking please contact our team on reception using one of the email addresses below with the email address you want the video conferencing invitation sent to and the time of day you are requesting and they will forward your request on to our Lifestyle Team. Once we have confirmed the time is available an invitation will be sent to you including the instructions of how to join the Microsoft Teams meeting. Where the time requested in not available we will contact you and attempt to find another time that is suitable.

For those wishing to rent or buy a device please send your request to the appropriate reception email address below and include the following information:

  1. Name of Person Receiving the Device
  2. Name of the person responsible for payment (rentals will only be available via direct debit).
  3. Whether the device will be purchased or rented
  4. The contact details of the person who has the Facebook / Microsoft account details to be setup on the device (if you would prefer we set this up for you simply nominate whether we setup a Facebook or Microsoft account).

How to contact us:

I trust that you have found the above helpful and that it will truly assist you in remaining in contact with your loved ones. If you have any questions please send these through to the above email address and we will endeavour to respond as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely,

Eric Anderson CEO