Over the last week there have been a number of changes announced by the Queensland Government with respect to the vaccination status required for staff, volunteers and contractors all of whom will be required to be fully vaccinated and have had their booster if it is available to them from the end of March. However, for visitors the requirement to have received at least 2 doses of the COVID vaccine remains unchanged.

We have been reviewing our requirements for visiting and from Monday the 28th of March visitors will once again be able to visit relatives in their rooms provided they have received at least 2 doses of a COVID vaccine. There are exceptions to this which are in place for family to visit residents that are palliative but please remember that arrangements need to be made with the Care Manager prior to arriving for this to occur.

The requirement for you to complete a RAT prior to entry (unless you visit each day in which case it will be every 2nd day) is still in place given the success of this program in avoiding people entering our sites when they are infectious as is the requirement to wear a mask whilst visiting your relative or friend.

For current visiting times please visit our website (www.arplus.org.au) or alternatively contact the site directly.

Please note we are continually reviewing our visitor requirements and so the above may well change in the near future whereby we may be able to further relax some of the current requirements.

We have also been asked recently about residents being able to leave their homes to visit other locations and our Care Managers will be communicating with you soon regarding how we will be determining in the future whether or not a resident will need to undertake 2nd daily Rapid Antigen Tests after having visited other locations in the community.

I would like to once again thank each of you for your patience and support as we continue to navigate this every changing landscape.

Yours sincerely,

Eric Anderson

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