Friday March 20th


Dear family and friends,

As indicated in my previous notice we have been investigating how we can implement a video conferencing option for residents and family members / friends to stay in touch. I am pleased to confirm that today we purchased devices for each of our sites that will enable this communication and further we are aiming for them to be setup and delivered to each site by the 27th of March.

The devices we have purchased will be shared devices and as such we will be needing to setup a process for you to book a time that you can video conference with your relative or friend. We will be sending through the details of how you can book a time to use this service early next week.

I am also pleased to be able to advise that we will also be able to provide the option for each resident to purchase their own device (or for them to be given as a gift by family or friends) or to rent one from our organisation on a monthly basis. This would obviously mean that the would be able to connect with anyone at any time rather than having to rely on booking a time for a shared device. Further they would also be able to use the device for other features such as entertainment and online games with their family and friends.

The setup and use of these devices will be fully supported by our team and we will send the pricing through at the same time as we send through the details of how you can book a shared device.

I thank you for your patience as we put this in place and we will be in touch soon with how you can utilise this service to stay in touch with our residents.

Kind Regards,

Eric Anderson,

CEO Adventist Retirement Plus