Dear Residents, Family Members and Friends,

Yesterday the Queensland Government announced that it will be making it mandatory for anyone entering into an aged care home to have had both of their Covid vaccinations from the 17th of December. Whilst this is not surprising given the impact of Covid on our elderly we are ensuring that our organisation is ready to implement this new requirement.

As you would be aware we have a sign in system located in our foyer which we require all guests to check in to on their arrival. This system is able to hold vaccination details for those of you visiting your loved ones to streamline the check in process and to avoid this information having to be entered or displayed each time you visit. As we have with the influenza vaccination, we will be asking you to upload a copy of your COVID vaccination certificate prior to the 17th of December.

You can upload your certificate by entering the above link into the address bar in your browser or by clicking on it to be taken there directly. Please ensure that prior to clicking on the link you have a PDF copy of your certificate downloaded to your device so that you are able to attach it when prompted.

I thank you for your assistance with meeting this requirement which will help the implementation of this new measure go much more smoothly for all involved.

Your sincerely

Eric Anderson

Adventist Retirement Plus
Seventh-day Adventist Aged Care (South Queensland) Ltd
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